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Fitness Classes

ADAPT training has developed a unique approach to fitness classes. Utilizing our versatile space and equipment, classes are designed by our team to train people with varying abilities and push each unique body to reach their goals.
Our class instructors will inspire you, and your body will face new physical demands on a daily basis. Every day is a new challenge that leads you to your physical freedom.

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A fun and functional based cardio class with goals of:

  • Reestablishing muscular coordination
  • Moving your joints through their intended ranges and angles
  • Constantly changing the environment your body is exposed to
  • Improving balance, joint integrity and integrated movements
  • Combating the days, months or years of standard adult activities

What is an ADAPT Cardio Class?

This strength based class focuses on:

  • Understanding the importance of building strength in every direction
  • Balanced and sound workouts
  • Using weights, body weight and resistance machines
  • Increasing performance in any activity you choose to do.

What is an ADAPT Strength Class?

Our dynamic stretching class includes:

  • A specific progression of exercises designed to maximize range of motion
  • Introducing muscular stability and endurance into your joints
  • Increasing the functional range your body has lost
  • Recovery for overused and tight muscles

What is an ADAPT Range class?

A low impact class designed to:

  • Introduce structural demand and performance in a group setting
  • Establish proper movement patterns
  • Restore joint function
  • Safely introduce dynamic movements
  • Increase baseline functions of strength, endurance, balance and range.


Private Training

Private training is you working one-on-one with your Trainer and is the most effective and customized method of attaining your physical goals. The ADAPT training system is based on:

  • Finding the correct physical demand to create the desired outcome
  • Customized programs based on goals and physical condition
  • Creating a safe and open-minded environment
  • Understanding the life details that affect your health and wellness
  • Educating our clients on why they are doing what they are doing

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training is up to 6 clients with a Personal Trainer and is a perfect blend of the personalization of Private Training and the energy of our Group Classes. Surrounding yourself with friends and like-minded people creates an atmosphere that is hard to beat. Small Group Personal Training includes:

  • Specific sequences to challenge and prepare your body to meet YOUR physical goals and needs based on YOUR objectives and function
  • Support of friends and Trainer to try new things and push your boundaries
  • A fun and creative space

Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Are you looking for a way to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy? Prepare yourself for the changes your body is making now and look ahead to a fit post pregnancy body. Join Courtney Bryan, Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, AFPA for one-on-one private training!

  • Increased energy
  • Decreased back pain
  • Decreased nausea
  • Increase circulation
  • Quicker postpartum recovery
  • Get back to your pre-pregnancy weight faster
  • Overall feelings of wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally


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