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Therapeutic Training for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries and Neurological Disorders

Adapt Physical Therapy and Personal Training in Beaverton, Oregon, specializes in providing comprehensive training programs tailored to individuals with neurological disorders. Their expert team designs personalized neurological disorder training programs to help improve mobility, strength, and overall well-being. For wheelchair athletes, Adapt offers specialized athletic therapy to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and support optimal physical health. Their fitness training for neurological disorders is meticulously crafted to address specific needs, promoting functional independence and enhancing the quality of life. At Adapt Physical Therapy and Personal Training, the focus is on empowering clients through evidence-based practices and compassionate care, ensuring everyone achieves their health and fitness goals.

ADAPT Advanced

ADAPT Advanced is a therapeutic training program for individuals with neurological injuries and/or disease progression that has resulted in a dysfunctional nervous system. During one-on-one sessions with our specialists, we create programming and workouts for clients that are based on their goals, not their diagnosis. 

Whether their goal is to become more independent, to move more fluidly through their environment or to become a Paralympic athlete – we exist to help them achieve. Realizing that these are life-altering injuries requiring adapted approaches, each client is addressed as an individual rather than applying a pre-existing standard to their recovery.

Advanced Evaluation

The Advanced Evaluation is comprised of five sessions with an Advanced Training Specialist dedicated to establishing a client’s baseline abilities.

These evaluation sessions allow the Specialist to identify the client’s goals, motivations, time constraints and lifestyle through an in-depth interview process. The Advanced Training Specialist will create and take clients through a series of workouts specifically designed to elicit a neuromuscular response and facilitate the opportunity for change. Following the evaluation process, the Specialist will review the findings of the evaluation and assess the goals for the future.

During your Advanced Evaluation your Advanced Specialist, with your assistance and input, will determine the progression of your recovery. At ADAPT, there are many ways that we can help provide you with the optimum environment for advancement toward your goals. With your input, your Specialist will provide a custom goal-oriented training progression and make suggestions regarding program options to help you exceed all previous expectations.

Advanced Therapeutic Training

Designed for the client dedicated to accelerating their progress by attending regularly scheduled one-on-one sessions with an Advanced Training Specialist. Completion of an Advanced Evaluation is required prior to participation.

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ADAPT Advanced Scholarship Fund

Spinal Cord Injury & Neurological Disorders

The ADAPT Advanced Scholarship Fund was created to help clients of ADAPT Advanced to get started with their Advanced Evaluation without cost being a barrier. We strive to provide every NEW client that we see the opportunity to receive some form of financial assistance with his or her initial evaluation costs.


Life in a wheelchair is one of the most destructive environments the human body can endure. Aside from the negative effects of the injury or condition that created the actual need for the wheelchair, the pure act of sitting for an extended period of time will cause significant deterioration of every function of the human body. The lack of understanding and education with training the population is our number one motivation for this scholarship program. Our evaluation goes far beyond the standard of care in addressing symptoms created by their injury. Often times a range of motion restriction created from the chair itself is a major contributor for a new pain, injury or the lack of physical improvement from the original injury.

The ADAPT Advanced Evaluation is five sessions of extensive physical testing and training. The results from this evaluation are used to design an exercise program that the client can perform to prevent further deterioration as well as create training programs intended to make physical gains that standard programs are not equipped to produce. Quality of life is something many people take for granted for the majority of their lives. For someone living with a neurological condition, this can be a daily struggle. Resources are limited, time is extensive, but the impact ADAPT can provide is dramatic. We need to create awareness and availability. It becomes our responsibility. Are you ready and willing to increase the quality of life of another? A single evaluation is all it can take to begin that journey.

Change a life. Make a difference. Pay it forward.