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Athletic Performance Training In Beaverton

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Athletic Performance Training

Everyone is searching for the extra! The difference maker! A true competitive edge! What if I told you, you are looking in all the wrong places? It is not about discovering what your competition doesn’t have, it is the ability to fortify the gaps of your own athletic limitations. Unlock your true athletic potential. Eliminate outcome altering injuries. Fine tune your machine at any age and achieve beyond any previous held expectations.

The science behind ADAPT performance training allows you to develop recruitable power and speed while increasing durability. We achieve these results by focusing on the three areas of athleticism that are designed to enhance the training programs you are currently engaged in.

  1. Dynamic Strength – Strength training with extreme range of motion. Develop all of the supportive structural muscle that will complement the strength created with traditional weight lifting techniques. Increase flexibility and fluidity by eliminating all types of muscular imbalances.
  2. Ballistic Quickness – More than just foot speed, increase your strength to weight ratio to be able to jump higher and farther (on one foot or two) with control and precision. Change direction without any hesitation or false steps.
  3. Nero-Muscular Reaction – Fine tune the communication from your brain to your muscles. Reaction time is learned.

Taking this class just twice a week will elevate performance in individuals of all ages and levels that are engaging in competitive activities.

Find Your Competitive Edge by sharpening your tools with ADAPT Performance Training.

Athletic Group Personal Training

AGT (Athletic group training) creates a training session that simulates a competitive environment while maintaining low enough numbers to allow for personalized adjustments and coaching points. Athletes push athletes. Adapt Power is what AGT is all about. Every aspect of athleticism (speed-quickness-strength-balance) is developed with a true understanding of how the human body is engineered. Team Environment
Ideal intensity
Modification for specific Athletic Goals
Small Trainer to Athlete ratio
Athletic based techniques
Competitive Testing

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Team Training

ADAPT training excels at helping athletes achieve peak performance, as well as modifying training to suit individual abilities. The ADAPT facility is an athlete’s dream come true – a functional training space with an athletic jungle gym, resistance training tools, and high ceilings. That paired with our coaching staff’s knowledge and expertise means a training experience without equal.

Sample Team Training Session Includes:

  • (1) one-hour team training session at ADAPT
  • A take home exercise routine
  • Training recommendations and options based on sport and performance


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