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Spring Cycling Camp

Instructed by Jule Browning, owner and coach at Breakaway Training (learn more about Julie...)

This is NOT A SPIN CLASS. You’ll learn from the best on your own bike using a stationary trainer! Don’t have a trainer? No worries. See below for Julie's recommendations....

MARCH 31 - MAY 12 (no class April 21)

Limit: 20 people
Cost: $100
/ 6 classes
Register online. Space is limited.

Lots of focus on pedaling efficiency drills, pedaling mechanics, body awareness, body alignment and muscle recruitment all rolled into a fun and challenging workout. Each session will include an ADAPT off-the-bike pre- and post-exercise routine to keep your body happy.

• A clean bike with slick tires and preferably clipless pedals.
• A stationary trainer.

The class will start and end with an off-the-bike warm-up/cool down. This warm-up will follow ADAPT's principles of helping the body restore, develop and maintain a balanced muscular and skeletal system.

The class introduces interval training in a fun and safe small group environment. Each class focuses on a different aspect of fitness: power, force, lactate tolerance, endurance, etc. Each class begins with pedaling drills for a warm up and then progresses into the workout. You will get lots of teaching points to help develop good habits. The class is appropriate for all levels of skill and fitness. Past participants have ranged in ability from Cat 1 competitive cyclist to first time bike owners, elite triathletes to novice triathletes.


  • TrainerYourself ready to workout
  • A CLEAN Bike with slick tires. Make sure your rear tire has good air pressure. Note that riding a trainer will wear out your rear tire faster than riding on the road. After long periods of trainer riding check your tire for wear. You may want to replace the tire before riding outside. Or better still, use an old tire for trainer workouts.
  • Stationary Trainer that is ready to go. If you have a brand new trainer please make sure it is assembled before the first class. If your trainer came with a specific skewer, I recommend you use it.
  • Small towel for handlebars, and a large towel for the floor if you know you tend to sweat a lot.
  • Drink: Make sure you are staying hydrated: these indoor workouts will make you sweat and you need to make sure you are replacing the lost fluid and electrolytes. This will help keep your body performing optimally and will help with post workout recovery too. For short intense workouts like these classes I really like Ultima Replenisher or Nuun tablets that deliver the electrolytes without the added calories.
  • Bike shorts, wicking top, socks and cycling shoes.
  • Something to put under your front wheel to raise it enough to make sure the bike is level.
  • Heart Rate monitor if you typically use one (thought it is not a necessity for the class).
  • Workout shoes for Off-the-bike warm-ups and cool-downs.

Julie recommends a fluid stationary trainer. You want to look for a trainer that is smooth, quiet and has a good way to fasten the bike to the trainer. Both Cycleops and Kurt Kinetic make a good one.  Some stationery trainers come with a specific rear wheel skewer — which is strongly suggested — it will mean your bike will be more securely attached to the trainer.

Ideally it would be good for class participants to pick up the trainer before class and get acquainted with it.

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine: $299 (regularly $370 on average)
Cyclops Fluid Pro: $296 (regularly $380 on average)
Cyclops Fluid 2: $269 (regularly $300 on average)

To purchase a trainer consider contacting Cyclepath at 503-281-0485 (ask for Bill) or Santiam Bicycles at 503-431-2644 (ask for Thom or Jess). 

If you are having any issues regarding finding the trainer that is right for you, please feel free to contact Julie at

Coaching philosophy:
Create a healthy balance by playing well, eating well and resting well.
Lancaster University, UK. BS in Geography and Physical Education (Exercise Physiology)
New Mexico State Uni. Masters in Geography (Remote Sensing)
Oregon State University: Graduate classes in Exercises Physiology.

Competitive Experience:

  • Modern Pentathlete (National and International competition)
  • Swimmer (Collegiate)
  • Running: Cross-country, track and road
  • Cycling: Road, stage, time trials (category 2), mountain bike and cyclo-cross (category 1).
  • Oregon State Hill Climb Champion, and Oregon State Road Champion
  • Triathlon (Team USA, ITU World Triathlon Championships) 

Coaching Experience:

  • Swimming Teaching Certification
  • Instructed cycling, running, swimming, fencing and yoga classes
  • Professional coaching since 2003
  • Women’s specific racing clinics
  • Extensive experience with competitive endurance athletes (triathlon, running and cycling). 
  • Experience with recreational riders, and specifically women (including post-pregnancy).
  • Working with parents who want to find a healthy balance between work, family and exercise  
  • Indoor cycling classes focusing on fitness, pedaling efficiency, muscle recruitment, body awareness and alignment on the bike.
  • Functional strength training 

Further Education:

  • Life Saving and CPR
  • Graduate Exercise Physiology courses (OSU)
  • Julie Lawrence Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training course
  • Nutrition (self study)

Breakaway Training specializes in providing coaching services for cyclists, runners and triathletes. I work with athletes who want to race and those who want to participate in pursuit of an active healthy lifestyle, regardless of your age, fitness, and experience.
Breakaway Training was founded in 2003 out of a desire to explore and share my understanding of health, fitness, and nutrition. It’s a passion. I truly do enjoy helping athletes commit to a goal, train for that goal and then see them fulfill that goal. The whole time learning and having fun.
Breakaway Training helps athletes:

  • set realistic goals and priorities
  • find a healthy balance between family, work and play
  • make good nutritional decisions and create good eating habits
  • to plan, organize and prioritize training
  • train smarter and more efficiently.
  • remain healthy and functional
  • gain confidence in their activities
  • strive for a life time of fitness and health
  • by providing motivation, inspiration and guidance
  • and enjoy the journey

 “I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your class so far. I rave about it to friends or co-workers that ask what type of class I'm taking. I've learned something new in each class so far, and isn't that the point? I appreciate the fact that you can explain things to us by breaking them down in to simple, understandable elements. To me, that's what makes a great teacher”.
“Thanks for offering the class. I can say I definitely enjoyed it, it was nice to get together with a bunch of people instead of just setting up in the kitchen and watching a spinervals video!”
cycle“You have a great class.  It's nice to go through the Winter knowing that I will get at least one bike workout in!  Drills, and everything are great.  Again, having someone to tell you how and what to do is great.  Of course I would take your class again. “
“I've enjoyed the classes this term and feel like they are helping me improve. Thanks for putting lots of thought and effort into these classes!  Having a prepared, enthusiastic instructor makes a big difference.”
“I just wanted to say thanks again for 2 fantastic classes. I know that what I learned from your classes will help me with a solid bike segment at Ironman Coeur d' Alene this June! I will definitely be taking your classes again and also recommending them!”
“You are an outstanding leader. My cycling skills have gone from zero to sixty”


  • Current students are given priority registration for the following term.
  • Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please be on time for class. Classes will start and end on time.
  • Please leave your cell phones, gum, perfume and worries outside the workout room.
  • Students should advise the instructor of any health conditions.
  • All class participants must sign a waiver.
  • Number to call to check if class is re-scheduled/cancelled due to inclement weather is 503-913-1671
  • Registrations are refundable up to 1 week before the first class. Refunds are subject to a $10 processing fee. If you do have to drop the class, please let us know as soon as possible so that we many give the space to another athlete. There are no refunds for late drops (once the class has started). Special considerations is given for a medical problem or family emergency. Registrations are for full sessions only.


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