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ADAPT Standards
NO PAINEvery machine in the world has a way to test to see if it is in good working order, how about the human body?  The seven ADAPT physical standards are a series of the most accurate and realistic movement tests designed to determine the functional ability of the human body.  Would you drive a car across the country without getting it checked out first?  Pain or physical limitations are nothing more then your check engine light going on.  Do not ignore it or cover it up with dependence on pain medication.  Let’s redefine what true fitness is all about. The human body is your vehicle for life, it’s time to update your maintenance schedule.  Here are the seven tests and how they represent true musculoskeletal health.

Each test demonstrates the ability to perform movements necessary to exist in life without being vulnerable to injury. Remember age is not the culprit, lack of movement is!

We've listed the tests below, along with a common condition that will be prevented with the ability to perform the corresponding test. Click on the test name to open and read more.

TEST #1: STATIC LUNGE HOLD (Runners Knee) click to open...

Lunge Hold
Walking, running, jumping, skipping, lunging, walking up stairs, walking down stairs, and basic balance should be able to be performed without pain and discomfort or the risk of injury (Runners Knee).  These movements are taken for granted when we are young.  Why do we become fearful of these activities as we get older?  The reason is the body slowly loses the ideal functional relationship between the ankle, knee, hip, and pelvis.  This test will demonstrate the ability for all of these joints to perform their intended function in a weight bearing position keeping the knee in the ideal position.  If there is only one test to pass this is the one that will give you the greatest benefit in your activities and life.


TEST #2: PUSH-UPS (Carpal Tunnel) click to open...

Push-upWe begin our life crawling on our hands and knees.  Why do we lose the ability to hold our body weight on our hands?  The answer is we don’t have to because we can walk.  The unfortunate side effect is we can lose the strength and alignment of our wrists, which is the number one contributor to the condition of Carpal Tunnel, not to mention the ability to support our own weight on our hands.


TEST #3: AIR BENCH (Lower Back Tension) click to open...


When did it become difficult in your life to just stand without pain and fatigue?  At some stage as we get older we start to become tired with the simple act of standing.  We lose the strength to support our own weight in a standing position and your Lower Back will often pay the price for this weakness.


TEST #4: CHIN-UPS (Rotator Cuff) click to open...

Chin up

Seen any rounded shoulders lately?  The de-evolution of the human race is happening right in front of us and it begins with our slouching shoulders.  This slouch is more then just unattractive, it places the Rotator Cuff in a very vulnerable position creating an improper relationship between your shoulder blade and your upper arm. The ability to do a chin-up demonstrates a proper relationship between your humerus (upper-arm) and scapula (shoulder blade) with strength.



TEST #5: REAR DELT HOLD (Tennis Elbow) click to open...

Rear Delt Hold
The elbow can be a casualty of war between proper tennis form and a dysfunctional relationship between the shoulder, elbow and wrist.  The tendons of the elbow become inflamed (tendonitis) when uneven pressure and torque is applied over time.  This test will demonstrate the strength, integrity and endurance needed to prevent damaging torque on the tendons.

TEST #6: STATIC SUPPORTED HANDSTAND (TMJ: Temporomandibular joint disorder) click to open...


This is the most obscure and potentially beneficial test of the 7.  Most of us think handstands are reserved for children and acrobats.  This test is scary and fun all rolled into one.  The amazing thing is how effective it is at demonstrating the proper alignment and function of the head, neck, and shoulders. This ideal alignment is necessary to prevent the development of TMJ.


TEST #7: THE ADAPT SHUTTLE (The Life Test) click to open...

All that can be described about this test is that it will challenge every aspect of physical activity; strength, muscular endurance, respiratory endurance, coordination, and balance just to name a few.
ADAPT Shuttle

All tests should be performed under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

ADAPT Standards






Rear-delt Hold

:30 seconds

:30 seconds

Supported Handstand

1:00 min

1:00 min




Static Lunge Hold

1:00 min each side

1:00 min each side

Air Bench

3:00 min

3:00 min

ADAPT Shuttle (200 yds)

1:45 or under
(run twice with 1:00 min recovery)

1:35 or under
(run twice with 1:00 min recovery)

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