Higher and higher

In 2001 and 2002 I did the decathlon at the MAC club. At that time I did all 10 events but this year since I am on the Pilates committee we did it as a group. My three events were the vertical leap, shuttle run, and 1000 meter row.
My best vertical leap back then was 17 inches. I amazed everyone, including myself with a leap of 22 inches on Monday – that’s a 5 inch increase or as Peter says 33.5% improvement and also 8 years older! I had a slight improvement on my 40 yd.  shuttle run (9.69 vs. 9.92 but a tad slower on the 1000 meter row – (4:07.9 vs. 4:05.7) – think I was gassed after doing the shuttle, so not bad for an almost 58 yr. old.  I really contribute the vertical leap to all of the hip work I do through Adapt.  Anyway thought you might like to get the feedback and thanks for all of your great training!
- Laurie Turney

Firefighter wins competition after broken back and blown knee

As a firefighter I workout to stay in good shape for my job and competition. ADAPT has helped me maximize my muscle efficiency by bringing my body into alignment and has helped my body recover from tough and strenuous training.

Before ADAPT I went from taking 13th place out of 800 competitors in the Stair Climb Challenge to breaking my back and blowing my knee out. After rehabilitating and training at ADAPT I won the open class without firefighting gear. 20 minutes later I ran the same 1500 steps in full firefighting gear with SCBA and won that class as well. ADAPT has changed my life of pains and strains to working out 6 days a week for fun.

- Steve Chapman

Quicker off the ball

Ryan's balance and coordination as well as his mental discipline and concentration are much better after working with ADAPT. He is moving so much faster laterally and is definitely quicker off the ball.

- Parents of High School Football Player

Tendonitis in elbow gone, no back pain, golfing again

I came to the clinic in November of 1994 with tendonitis in my elbow. I was in need of a workout program that would ultimately reduce my elbow pain and put me in better physical shape overall. At the time I started the "patrol", I could not finish a round of golf without intense pain, run a block without being winded, or go a week without some back pain. In 4 months, I have progressed to the point that I recently played 4 rounds of golf on successive days with no pain during or after the rounds. I can now run 3 to 4 miles with hills. I stand straighter and feel stronger than I have in years.

When I first began this program, I had no idea that I could be involved in a program that began at the break of dawn and lasts 90 minutes. But the instruction by you that is occasionally personal and the camaraderie of the nice people in the group; makes me unhappy when I have to miss.

Because the progress I have made is marked, and because I feel better than I have for a long time, I would highly recommend this program to anyone at any age.

- Martin Waldinger

Better now than before her ACL surgery

Thanks to her personalized ADAPT Training, our daughter is a far better and more balanced soccer player now than before her ACL injury. We couldn't be more pleased or impressed with the ADAPT Training program.

- Jessica Tsao and Family

Lower back and hip pain gone

I have experienced lower back and hip pain for several years. After ten physical therapy sessions with Orlando, my discomfort was greatly alleviated. I am also able to walk down a flight of stairs free from knee pain ... an added benefit! My progression into the daily ADAPT classes has reinforced these benefits. I felt stronger, more flexible and energetic even after one month of daily classes.

- Collette Gray

Chronic back and foot pain fade away

I came to ADAPT as a last ditch effort to get relief from 3 years of having plantar fasciitis in both feet. I had been through hours of physical therapy, had my tendons scraped, wore arch supports, had cortisone shots in my heels, got tendonitis repeatedly in my legs and had to give up going barefoot and wearing my Birkenstocks. I had well-respected foot specialists shake their heads at me and tell me they could not help me. My podiatrist told me I was worrying too much about the tendonitis problem. My options were either to live with my crazy feet and tendons or have surgery. Neither option sounded good to me but I was running out of alternatives so I went to ADAPT hoping they could help.

I also have had chronic back pain since I was about 7 years old. Through the years I saw physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, and no one could explain why I was in pain. After a while I was told it was all in my head. When you get told that enough you start to believe it on some level, but either way it was obviously something that would stay with me so I learned to live with it.

A story with a happy ending followed and I had no idea how much ADAPT could do for me. My hope was simply to get my feet feeling better and they changed my life for the better in the process. From my first time there they were able to explain why my feet hurt and why my back hurt, and that it wasn't in my head. As if that wasn't enough, I was told that my symptoms made sense and that everything was completely fixable. Not only could they take the pain away, but they could stop it from coming back. No surgery, no drugs, no weirdness. No more shots, walking casts, tendon scraping or arch supports. Just simple exercises and the dedication to do them.

On the morning of my third visit, I smiled at my husband when I woke up. I'm not sure that had ever happened before. I felt outstanding. After the first week, 20-some years of back pain started fading into history. After 3 days, my 3.5 years of plantar fasciitis was barely detectable and still no tendonitis. The second week, I could yawn without pain, and roll over in bed and turn the lamp off without pain. I could unload my dryer and the bottom rack of the dishwasher. I had no idea how much my chronic issues were affecting me, and I'm still learning.

I can feel the change on the inside, but others can see it on the outside. I've had comments like, "you look younger", "you look thinner", "you look healthier; what are you doing? "You used to sigh a lot and you don't anymore". My parents and brothers can hear the change in my voice over the phone and they can't believe it. If only they could see me. I am a new person and the world is a new place. Colors are brighter and more vivid. I can't explain it, I can only tell you it's been a blast. I feel like I've been set free from something I didn't even know was holding me. Even if it all ended tomorrow it would be totally worth it. I just never thought it was possible to feel this good before I got to heaven.

- Alicia

All client success stories are posted with client permission. To post your story, email or call 503.646.8482 for details. All rights reserved.


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